Our Story

Hi Folks.

I originally started Folk and Freya in 2022 from a desire of wanting to create a fulfilling business for myself in which I could have more time and flexibility to spend at home with my three children.

As i began ordering jewellery pieces from suppliers, I quickly realised the product didn’t always match the picture or description and i found myself quite disheartened by the quality, or lack there of. Not only had shipping taken over a month, but i had waisted money on poor quality.

In 2023 I shifted my focus. It was from here that I decided to embark on a new journey in life and I began to teach myself the art of silversmithing. I began to acquire silversmithing equipment & tools, quality jewellery supplies and semi-precious gemstones. I grew up having a keen interest in creating jewellery and have always loved the process of making something beautiful and functional from minimal origins. I believe there is always something new to learn and the art of silversmithing will be forever evolving as I learn new concepts and skills.

Every handmade piece is created by myself, in my home studio in the Hunter Valley, NSW Australia. I create pieces that are functional, unique and elegant. Creating treasures that can be worn and loved day after day to last you a lifetime. Each step of our creative process; from the cutting, shaping, melting, soldering, polishing and packaging is done with meticulous detail and care.

As a small business, please know that your purchase is so appreciated. And my hope is that you will love your treasured pieces as much as I have loved creating them!

Kim x